Connie Byrd

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Costance “Connie” Byrd! Connie is from Alvarado and has two kids, ages 10 & 8! She is a personal fitness coach here at Tate’s and teaches Silver Fit, Beyond Barre, Spin, Body Pump AND just got certified in PiYO!

More about Connie…

What’s something people don’t know about you: I LOVE Nascar!
Favorite exercise: deadlifts, squats and lunges
Least favorite: push-ups
Hardest workout you’ve ever done: Kerry has put me through some pretty intense workouts where I’ve wanted to kill him. Lol!
What sets Tate’s Total Training apart from other gyms? We actually care about the people that come here. It’s not just come in and leave. We care about them all and really want them to get the results they’re trying to achieve.
A few words Connie’s clients used to describe her: sweet, kind, caring and knowledgeable